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Aphrodite at the Alhambra is a self portrait series. Combining myself with textures from the Alhambra and flowers from its garden. This series will be platinum palladium prints. I am in the process of printing them all, currently I have 2 that I am satisfied with.
These images are windows into my own conscious. I plan to create several of these collages utilizing other locations I have traveled to in the past 12 years.
The size of these images 6x9 also has great meaning to me as I am a Cancerian. The crab is continuously represented by 69. It is a surreal thing to realize the power of symbols that are so deeply in ones personality and subconscious.
In 2009 I suffered a grand mal seizure and ended up gaining weight afterwards. I went from always being around 130 lbs to being 175 lbs. It does not seem like much compared to many people but for me it has been a harsh reality to face in the mirror. I am very fortunate my husband is attracted to this current look. I however am the one that sees myself through my eyes.
Growing up my grandmother raising roses. No matter where she lived she tended to her roses. Something about the garden at the Alhambra really made me think about her. I choose to start this series with the textures and the flowers of the Alhambra because of my connection with my grandmother.
For many years I was known as "roller girl" a somewhat performative representation of sex... I would be in costume and on skates as I attended live music shows and made connections because of my appearance. When I landed a full time job I stopped performing on skates and settled down. I skated for around 7 years of my life the public adoration was something that I still can not fully describe. It was powerful in a way that was so uncontrolled.
At 45 I love food. I love to feed people. I love to eat. I am still trying to figure out how to love the skin I'm in. By sharing myself I hope to accept myself.