Muffin's art

I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and have spent most of my life here. It is remarkable what I have found on my daily walks into nature with my husband and dogs. Though my own journey as an artist has included setbacks such as health problems and total loss of my catalog of work to an apartment fire, it has been in nature that I have found the will and inspiration to continue creating. Within my photographic collages I strive to convey the transformative and healing power of nature as well as themes of rebirth and reawakening. The rising sea level and the dangers presented by coastal erosion are also driving forces behind my art. I use my photographs of nature in hopes of preserving, if only visually, an ecosystem that is likely to one day have vanished. I hope that the beauty I have captured inspires others to hold nature in reverence. It is our responsibility to do whatever small thing we can to contribute to the health of our ecosystem locally.  Small things such as planting more milkweed for monarch butterflies and wildflowers for bees make a huge difference if done by many individuals.